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Email newsletters can be a great way to drive sales, share updates, and keep people interested in a product or service. However, the newsletters have to grab the customers’ attention every month and make them want to keep reading. Otherwise, they’ll end up unsubscribing or send the newsletters straight to their spam folder. Here are some tips on creating engaging content for email newsletters.


How-To Guides

A good email newsletter creates value for the subscriber instead of merely promoting a product or service. The best newsletters make customers walk away feeling like they’ve learned something new. And if they have good feelings about the newsletter, they’ll view the company positively.

How-to articles can add value to email newsletters. They teach the customer something new, help them find new ways to use the product, and create content that the customer is inspired to share with their family members. Plus, they invite the customer to try a hands-on activity instead of passively reading an article.


Company Milestones

Sharing company milestones can be an essential part of email marketing. Company milestones might include awards, sales achievements, employee accomplishments, anniversaries, and other landmarks that the company has reached. This sends the message that the business is doing well and experiencing rapid growth.


It also gives the reader confidence in the company and makes them feel like this is a business they can trust. Sharing milestones can even improve morale among the employees and give credit to an incredibly well employee.



A large, full-color image is usually easier to digest than blocks of text. To get certain pieces of information across, companies can use a chart, diagram, or infographic. They can hire a graphic designer or make an infographic in-house using various online tools.

A well-designed infographic immediately grabs the viewer’s attention and keeps them engaged with short, relevant blurbs of content. An infographic might demonstrate the company’s sales, introduce new products, or talk about their primary target audiences. Good infographics are direct, memorable, and easy to understand.


Customer Reviews

Businesses can add customer reviews to the end of their newsletter to show that their company is credible and well-received. Plus, the customers might be flattered if they see their name in the monthly company newsletter.