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Every year brings new challenges to the business world, and especially to entrepreneurs. 2022 will be no different. As 2021 draws to an end, let’s cover some of the biggest challenges projected for entrepreneurs to face.


Hiring a Competent Team

You probably can’t launch a business on your own, you need an effective team to help do the work necessary to get things running. Acquiring talented employees can be challenging, especially as digital skills are more and more necessary in the business world. Additionally, potential employees are trending towards having higher expectations for wages and benefits. Balancing those demands with the often tight finances of a startup can be challenging.


Managing Hybrid Teams

In our post-COVID world, hybrid teams are almost expected in many cases. While many people still value time in the office and working in person with their team, there is also a desire for the flexibility and convenience of working from home. Leading a remote team is much different than leading a team in an office, and learning how to do so will be a significant challenge for some entrepreneurs. There are some great benefits to working remotely, such as perhaps being able to forego paying for office space altogether or widening your pool of applicants since they don’t necessarily have to be local.


Embracing New Technologies

If you aren’t willing to learn new technologies, you will probably struggle as an entrepreneur in the coming year. Especially as Artificial Intelligence continues to develop, if you want to stay competitive you probably need to consider how AI might be able to streamline your business practices. AI-driven companies consistently outperform other companies. It’s important to maintain a human connection to your clients, but refusing to consider new developments in technology will set you back.


Maintaining Competitiveness

Online shopping is constantly evolving and becoming more popular, which has led to a boom in online-based small businesses. It is getting more challenging to be an appealing and competitive business. Developing a strong digital marketing strategy and communicating the unique appeal of your product or service will be key to making your business stand out.