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Many professionals have continuously used virtual events to advertise their businesses. Some businesses have even gone completely or partially online because of how successful these events have been. The good thing about virtual events is that business owners can reach a wider audience and reduce costs. Many businesses have adopted virtual events as a primary method of advertising their goods and services.

A virtual event is a meetup that is organized to happen online rather than in a physical location. These events can be conferences with a large audience or a small session with a few viewers. There are various types of online events for the business that can be hosted, such as shows, tutorials, conferences, and interviews.

There are many ways in which you can host a virtual event. Here are some of the best platforms to use for your business’ virtual events.



A webinar is a presentation that is done online and can be viewed and shared later. Most of the time, the narration is done through demos and slides. The audience participates through chat feed or by asking a question through talking. A webinar has various options like the crowd cast, which can be accessed through URL to platforms like Zoom, including group chats and one presenter.


Live tweets

A hashtag is used to assist people in following and finding the conversation on live-tweeting. What is done is starting an online discussion and asking a question or asking the viewers to ask a question. Various tools can be used in this event, such as slack, a platform for instant messaging, discord, a free text and voice chat, and many more.


Social Stories

Social stories include sharing visuals and videos of tutorials. Special effects and filters can also be used. To ask a question, conduct polls, or host influencers, most people use stickers. This approach can work well with TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook stories.


In adopting virtual events as a means of advertising your business and connecting with your community, business owners can embrace the digital age, reduce costs by limiting resources, and appeal to modern consumers. Because the world has especially pursued digital and virtual routes because of the ongoing pandemic, investing in virtual events will surely be a worthwhile endeavor.

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