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Even if you know that you can use social media to market your startup, you may not realize that you’re using it wrong. There is a difference in how you use social media, and failing to create the right strategy can waste more time than it saves. It can also create more stress in your life when the opposite should be true. These tips can help you ensure social media is a useful tool and nothing more.


Disconnect Every Night

One problem entrepreneurs face is that they are always available to their employees, customers, and vendors. While this gives all of those other individuals greater peace of mind, it’s creating greater stress for you. Instead, make it clear to everyone involved with your startup that you will be unavailable after a certain time of day, and make sure they understand that your rule applies to every day. This gives you the time you need to unwind, reconnect with your family, and generally enjoy your life.


Plan Out Your Social Media Posts

Yes, you should be posting each day on your social media accounts, and you should be scheduling those posts for times at which you’ll get the most interactions. Acknowledging those marketing guidelines doesn’t mean you have to be online every day and at all hours of the day or night. Instead, it’s easier to set aside one hour to create the posts you’ll publish throughout that week. You can save them to a file in your computer and upload them as planned, or you can use a social media managing service to have your post uploads automated.


Find Out Where Your Demographic Gathers

Digital marketers will stress the idea that all of your marketing attempts should be targeted at the demographics most likely to buy your products. You’ll have better success if you know where to find those groups of consumers. One of the best strategies is to join Facebook groups that focus on issues or interests that concern your target audience. By interacting with them, you’ll be able to connect with your target demographic. This will help you learn how to communicate with them as you make lasting connections with your potential customers.


As more services become available to help you better manage your time online, don’t be afraid to try them. If something doesn’t seem beneficial, you can always stop using it. As you move forward, it’s important to keep in mind that technology should make your life better or it isn’t an efficient resource.