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One of the best things about being an entrepreneur is you can do it from anywhere, but some cities are better than others for starting a business. Local laws, demographics, office space, and more all factor into deciding where to start a business. If you’re looking for a home for your startup idea, here are some of the best cities for entrepreneurs.

Austin, TX

CNBC recently named the Texas capital as the number one place to start a business. It’sIt’s a fast-growing startup paradise with great weather nearly the whole year round and a thriving nightlife scene. It’sIt’s easy to connect with people and is full of small businesses- about 23,500, to be exact. It’sIt’s also relatively cheap, with groceries costing about 13% less than the national average.

Denver, CO

The Mile High City has decent weather and an active community of young, educated people. Despite its cost of living being slightly higher than average for the United States, the price of starting a business is somewhat lower, especially for tech companies like video game developers or biotech firms. The state of Colorado also operates a fund that offers money to companies that create permanent jobs lasting at least one year.

Boston, MA

Boston is home to both the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University, meaning it’s full of young, brilliant minds with fresh ideas. It’sIt’s easy to find and connect with other entrepreneurs here, and there’s lots of nightlife and social activities to boot. It’sIt’s also easy to get around thanks to the metro system, ride-sharing services, and walkable downtown.

San Francisco, CA

Though the city by the bay used to be synonymous with artists, it’s now earned the “Hollywood of Technology” nickname.” Big tech companies like Twitter, Uber, and Pinterest all have offices within the city, and venture capital only draws in more startups which only draws in more venture capital. Of course, this means the cost of living is also very high here, but where else can you socialize with such big tech names?

Seattle, WA

Like San Francisco, Seattle is home to many tech giants like Amazon and Microsoft, and the fuel source all these companies run on- Starbucks. It’sIt’s also much cheaper to live here than in San Francisco and is a fast-growing city that’s very inviting to entrepreneurs.