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Whether this is the first time you’re starting a business or you’re already a seasoned entrepreneur, it is important to consider factors like market success and industry potential prior to deciding on a business idea. You can certainly achieve success in most industries if you are dedicated enough, but for those who are looking for a business opportunity that is more aligned with current desires and trends, look no further. Listed below are a few of the most promising industries for entrepreneurs this year.


Business Consulting

If you have business experience or a lot of professional connections, starting a business consulting operation could be profitable. Because of factors like market shifts, changing employee expectations, and growing customer needs, businesses now face more challenges and obstacles than ever before. Hiring a business consultant to assist with everything from compliance to business plans is a smart move for businesses who can budget the cost, so this industry is ideal for entrepreneurs looking to capitalize on their expertise.


CBD Products

Now that most states have legalized Cannabidiol (CBD), the market is open to new brands and products that offer a host of medical benefits. From anti-anxiety properties to pain relief, CBD can be integrated into foods, lotions, and more while simultaneously providing health benefits to consumers. CBD is easily integrated into a variety of products, making its potential practically limitless. Entrepreneurs with a knack for business and marketing could experience great success in this emerging industry.


Personal Nutrition

Fad diets come and go, but one industry that is prime terrain for entrepreneurs is personalized nutrition. With advances in science and technology, personalized nutrition plans based on an individual’s genetic code are becoming popular. Because so many individuals have already undergone some form of genetic testing (typically to determine ancestry or potential afflictions), this dietary approach has gained more traction this year alone. Those with a background in nutrition and science are excellent candidates for emerging into this industry.


Internet & Data Services

Naturally, with the rapidly advancing field of technology, this industry is still considered an excellent option for entrepreneurs. With emerging tech like cloud computing, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and more, the potential for business success in this industry is immense. Entrepreneurs who have any experience working with or designing technology will have an advantage, but the industry is so broad, practically any entrepreneur with a keen mind and an eye for detail could find success here.