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Entrepreneurs are a special breed. Not everyone can form a business out of nothing and then watch it succeed. It takes many different traits to make up that kind of person, and this blog will outline just a few of them. These are the characteristics that make entrepreneurs, well, entrepreneurs.


Strong work ethic

Entrepreneurs have a strong work ethic, to be sure, but it goes even deeper than that. Entrepreneurs are excited about the prospect of having to work hard. They get up early and stay at work late to see the job done. They don’t recharge their batteries through leisure; they charge up their batteries through work.


Vision and creativity

These two go hand in hand. Entrepreneurs see business opportunities where others don’t and have the creativity to make their opportunities. If they see a problem unaddressed, they create a solution and market it as a new business. If the issue has been addressed, they find a better solution and market that. That all takes vision and creativity, which entrepreneurs have in spades.



Being an entrepreneur doesn’t mean not having a boss. It means being your own boss, and that takes tremendous amounts of self-discipline. Entrepreneurs are the ones that hold themselves accountable for getting to work on time and getting the job done to their high standards. It also means making tough decisions and seeing them through, as well as slogging through the inevitable boring parts of running a business and the hard times of being a business owner.



This is the big one. An entrepreneur is somebody who takes a whole lot of nothing and creates a successful business out of it. That requires a high level of resourcefulness. Entrepreneurs have to scrounge up capital, resources, and employees without the aid of a pre-established company to create a new business that didn’t exist before. 


Entrepreneurs are a special breed. It takes a strong work ethic, vision and creativity, self-discipline, and above all, resourcefulness to form a business out of nothing and then make it succeed. If you find yourself in possession of all these qualities, then what are you waiting for? Get out there and start your business.